This project is designed to vent the confusion caused by the physical and chemical changes that appear during teenage years when children look for their own identity and to determine students to be more aware of the effects of violence, racism, aggressive nationalism and intolerance, learning at the same time how to reassess their own role at home and outside, developing self-awareness.



-to develop civic competences  and increase self-esteem  of students from 5 EU schools

-to facilitate understanding the concepts “tolerance” and “mutual understanding” at a personal level and in the European context

-to equip participants with practical examples for acting as civic-minded citizens

-to raise awareness about diversity and cultural identities promoting social cohesion

-to boost the feeling of belonging to the EU community

The NEEDS addressed are:

-to prepare students for a life in a multicultural society

-to foster openness, freedom of thought, cultural knowledge and diversity

-to encourage respect for the human dignity and integrity of all individuals

-to develop innovative ICT materials for the educational process


The target group is formed by students who are 12 -16 years old.

The project should be carried out transnationally because:

-partners have different practical experience and knowledge about the topic and it can be easily transferred to more EU citizens within an international project.


The methodology used to reach our goal is based on the use of ICT and the FFM (five factor model): openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The link between the five factor model and the project is the following:

Openness to experience – art will be used as a tool to encourage students to express their emotions and ideas about the topic. Their creativity will be boosted by using the new technologies for creating the movie “Tolerance through my eyes”, scenarios for the Forum theater, digital photos about the topic, preparing their artistic moment for the Festival of tolerance and mutual understanding.

 Conscientiousness – students will be in direct contact with other students that have a different cultural background and this will make each of them to be more aware of their own self-discipline, conscious of their learning styles and their civic duty in their own community. 

Extraversion – by organizing team building activities, sports competitions and board games we are going to stimulate students’ assertiveness, sociability and personality.

Agreeableness – students will develop their cooperation skills by working in international teams, creating common products together (flashcards that reflect the project topic, the dictionary of the project, handmade bookmarks, thematic puzzles).

Neuroticism – through the Forum theater/ theater of the oppressed students will experience (un)pleasant emotions, anger, depression, anxiety and vulnerability. Through role play they will be aware of how intolerance is perceived by others, develop empathy and they will see how important is to be an active citizen.


•hosting the kick-off meeting (4-7 December 2017)

•creating the initial and final questionnaires

•management of the project

•monitoring the project

•designing the brochure of the project: containing team building activities related to the topic

•creating the photo album of the project;

•designing Evaluation tools



•hosting project meeting (12-16 March 2018)

•creating the movie “Tolerance through my eyes”

•designing the dictionary, calendar

•organizing the digital photography exhibition



•hosting project meeting (7-11 May 2018)

•organizing the Forum theater event

•designing the e-book of the project


•hosting project meeting (8-12 October 2018)

•organizing the Festival of tolerance and mutual understanding

•coordinating the creation of the flashcards that illustrate civic values



•hosting project meeting (March 2019)

•coordinating the designing of puzzles and handmade bookmarks

•creating the magazine of the project

•disseminating the project in their virtual newspaper and online media